Cupboards for sloping ceilings and attics

Attic flats have their own charm due to the slopes.

These slopes offer a cosy ambience. Making the best use of sloping walls is a challenge and an opportunity for creativity.
The solution is sloping attic cupboards, i.e. built-in cupboards at the exact angle of the sloping attic. This way, the space can be optimally used, offering room for clothes, hobby utensils, seldom-used but still beloved items.

Storage space can be easily arranged and organised behind sliding doors.

Is the knee of your room too small for a cupboard?

In this case, a customised jamb cupboard is a good solution for creating visually appealing storage space. Loft cupboards are fitted into the knee storey with millimetre precision and cut to the back and top in the shape of the roof slope. Depending on the knee height, cupboard height and cupboard depth, the upper support surface results. In the front, hinged or sliding doors allow good access.

Drawers and shelves keep the interior tidy. With the large selection of surfaces and handles, your jamb wardrobe can be visually adapted to your attic living space. Push-to-open door openers ensure an inconspicuous front view.

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