Our lives are determined by thinking and our era by rethinking.

Progress at all costs is being called into question so as to secure our existence and the lives of future generations, and production methods are being critically examined.

Our society finds itself in an era of radical change. Electromobility, nuclear phase-out, artificial intelligence and the expansion of renewable energies are no longer merely buzzwords and visions of the future but have become part of everyday reality.

That is why the careful use of resources has been part of the way we operate since the foundation of our company. We reduce waste and refuse by means of the CNC-controlled, material-efficient cutting of individual parts for your favourite furniture, using wood from sustainable forestry.

Our photovoltaic system, which has been on the grid since November 2019, covers a quarter of our electricity requirements. We vacuum the wood chips from all our machines and use them to feed our heating system. This means that the InVIDO heat requirements for hot water, heating and drying are covered one hundred percent without oil or gas. Two charging points for electric vehicles are in the planning stage.

The many small steps are what make our lives meaningful. Join us on this journey. Thank you for your trust in our products and in InVIDO.

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